Here’s to a New School Year!

I know a month has passed, but a new school year has begun! I feel optimistic about this one. I’ve been teaching music for 9 years and added art to the roster for four. It really is a lot of fun, and these kids are so talented! Who knows what they can do with more practice?


Thanks to my family, setting up my classroom was not a headache as it usually has been. I wish it were larger, though. My largest class is in the 30s, and it can feel like a tight squeeze. Just to get to the functioning sink, you have to weave around the tables like that hedge maze in the Shining. But this year I have two storage lockers, so a lot of materials are kept there to save space.

So far, major projects have been: a color theory lesson with the kinders, sketching a human face, three lessons on surrealism, pointillism, and even perspective drawing. I’ve finally been able to use these little art buddies I made last year!


From left to right: Sketch, Surrey, Abby, Poppy, and Cube


No one has eaten paint yet, I’m happy to report!


Do you like my classroom door?


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