Here’s to a New School Year!

I know a month has passed, but a new school year has begun! I feel optimistic about this one. I’ve been teaching music for 9 years and added art to the roster for four. It really is a lot of fun, and these kids are so talented! Who knows what they can do with more practice?

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This Would’ve Been a Story: The Camera

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed making movies. We had a VHS camera, and I’d always try to film something with my reluctant family, even going as far as to pen an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that no one wanted to act out. When I turned fourteen, my parents bought me an iMac to edit films, but alas – I still lacked actors for my movies. I turned to filming illustrations I made and putting them into sad slide shows that were not quite animations. Continue reading

Mural Update

As the week draws to a close, I wanted to share the updated mural/backdrop for this year’s spring show. There’s still so much work to be done, but progress is progress!

This Would’ve Been a Story – Aquarium Edition Pt. 1


Send in the Clowns

Those who know me know that I like learning about fish. I’ve had clownfish and a yellow tail damsel since 2011 and I dream of having a 75 gallon beauty one day. Instead of that, I had a 30 gallon hexagonal tank (a gift) which made cleaning a problem. I had to stand on a stool in order to reach deep into the dirty water to scrub the glass while trying to avoid bites from my feisty clownfish named Hannibal.  Continue reading